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The Church of Scotland
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Welcome to the website of the Presbytery of Dumbarton. We hope that you will find the content of this website both helpful and informative. Included in the site are details of all our congregations - and links to their websites – together with a description of how the Presbytery works in its purpose of promoting and supporting the work of the Christian Church in our area.

First, let us describe who and what we are :

  • The Presbytery of Dumbarton is part of the structure of the Church of Scotland. The Church of Scotland is a Protestant denomination of the worldwide Christian Church and is Presbyterian in form and order. It is known as the ‘established’ Church in Scotland and shares with other denominations the opportunities to bear witness to the love of Jesus Christ in communities the length and breadth of the land.
  • The Presbytery of Dumbarton has oversight of a geographical family of 33 local congregations in West Central Scotland, stretching westwards from the outskirts of the city of Glasgow along the northern shores of the River Clyde and its associated sea lochs to the foothills of the Highlands in Argyll, beside and beyond Loch Lomond.
  • The Presbytery comprises ordained ministers and representative elders from each of our congregations, together with a number of other ministers and elders. It meets several times a year to consider and decide a range of matters and issues.
  • The Presbytery is chaired by an elected member call the Moderator and the holder of this office changes every year.

Like a mighty river flowing, like a flower in beauty growing, far beyond all human knowing is the perfect peace of God.

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