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Much of the Presbytery’s activity is channelled through the work of sub-committees which consider the matters within their remits and bring these for consideration and decision at a full Presbytery meeting. Committee proposals are called a ‘Deliverance’.

If you wish to get in touch with any of the Committees noted below please do so via the Presbytery Clerk on the Contact Page on this website. For information and assistance on matters of a wider or national nature please visit the Church of Scotland website.


Business Committee

This Committee arranges Presbytery meetings and ensures that matters come before Presbytery in the way they can best be dealt with.

It is not an executive committee and has a limited authority to make decisions.

The Business Committee comprises the Moderator, the Clerk, the Conveners of all other committees and those representing a range of interests in Church life. The Committee normally meets one week before an ordinary business meeting of Presbytery.

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Law Committee

The Law Committee advises Presbytery on matters of a legal nature (both church and civil law) and may assist other Presbytery committees with matters within their respective remits.

Congregations or individuals seeking legal advice should, in the first instance, contact the Presbytery Clerk who may refer them to the General Assembly’s Principal Clerk or Law Department.

Ministry Committee

This Committee largely reflects the work of the Ministries Council at national level. It is the Committee through which recruitment to the various ministries of the Church are channelled and considered.

As such it has responsibility for the local applications and support of candidates for the full-time Ministry of Word and Sacrament, Deacons, Auxiliary Ministry, Ordained Local Ministry and Readership. The Ministry Committee is responsible for the local deployment of the latter three (ie non-stipendiary) forms of ministry. The Ministry Committee also seeks to provide opportunities for fellowship and personal development amongst the various ministries.

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Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee’s task is to propose to Presbytery the appointment of Presbytery members to serve as Conveners and Members of the various committees. Conveners normally serve a term of four years and membership of committees evolves on a regular basis.

Pastoral Advisers Team

Each minister serving in Presbytery is invited to identify and relate to a member of the small Pastoral Advisers Team for personal advice, help and encouragement and the building of fellowship with colleagues.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee has responsibility for the strategic deployment of ministers, congregations and buildings.

It does this through the preparation and implementation of a Presbytery Plan. The Plan is a statement of intent of where Presbytery believes its resources will best be deployed at the end of a ten-year period. This is framed according to criteria and ministry allocations decided by the Church’s General Assembly, through the Ministries Council. The Planning Committee is consulted when congregations make proposals for expenditure to buildings costing more than £20,000.

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